Tuesday, January 31, 2017

simple miracles .. 

a meaning of jambican or, 'that which gives me life..'

the music and voice are my own, the content is long overdue.

The meaning of jambican, or ‘that which gives me life”.

Jambican.   Generally, jambican is a verb-like word meaning ‘the embracing of all of one’s experiences’.  It denotes an active state of being. There have been many iterations:  ‘closer to wild’, ‘the promotion of health and happiness’,  ‘weaving the foundations of social fabric through creation and communication’, and ’creating a peaceful place together’.

Meaning is of course mutable, yet definitely consistent.  The underlying threads are plainly visible. 

I enjoy relating it to the Japanese word of ‘satoyama’.  Which I have come to understand as fulfilling one’s authentic, natural role as an active contributor in nature… more than passive observation, less than active destruction..

Jambican is authenticity, honesty - an embracing of the nature of one’s being.

Jambican wears all these definitions, never simply ‘just growing vegetables and playing music’…(neither of which of course, are devoid of complexity).

On pilgrimage, I was given these words : “acceptance is the gift of life”.  

The goal is to shine more light upon each unique miracle of creation, the complexities in the simple.
There needs to be reverence or simply, respect for all things… all living things, all creation.  This can happen through power of simple observation through clear senses.

Strip bare the cloudy film around the senses, and enjoy the power and beauty of the nakedness of life.

Jambican is an act of being.. the embracing of all of one’s experiences, the act of being closer to wild, the act of being in tune with one’s own nature.. where inner and outer reality coincide. The act of acceptance.

Jambican is a gift of life from this miracle-filled world.

Jambican is a gift of life to this miracle-filled world.