Tuesday, January 31, 2017

simple miracles .. 

a meaning of jambican or, 'that which gives me life..'

the music and voice are my own, the content is long overdue.

The meaning of jambican, or ‘that which gives me life”.

Jambican.   Generally, jambican is a verb-like word meaning ‘the embracing of all of one’s experiences’.  It denotes an active state of being. There have been many iterations:  ‘closer to wild’, ‘the promotion of health and happiness’,  ‘weaving the foundations of social fabric through creation and communication’, and ’creating a peaceful place together’.

Meaning is of course mutable, yet definitely consistent.  The underlying threads are plainly visible. 

I enjoy relating it to the Japanese word of ‘satoyama’.  Which I have come to understand as fulfilling one’s authentic, natural role as an active contributor in nature… more than passive observation, less than active destruction..

Jambican is authenticity, honesty - an embracing of the nature of one’s being.

Jambican wears all these definitions, never simply ‘just growing vegetables and playing music’…(neither of which of course, are devoid of complexity).

On pilgrimage, I was given these words : “acceptance is the gift of life”.  

The goal is to shine more light upon each unique miracle of creation, the complexities in the simple.
There needs to be reverence or simply, respect for all things… all living things, all creation.  This can happen through power of simple observation through clear senses.

Strip bare the cloudy film around the senses, and enjoy the power and beauty of the nakedness of life.

Jambican is an act of being.. the embracing of all of one’s experiences, the act of being closer to wild, the act of being in tune with one’s own nature.. where inner and outer reality coincide. The act of acceptance.

Jambican is a gift of life from this miracle-filled world.

Jambican is a gift of life to this miracle-filled world.

Friday, December 23, 2016

jambican .. we grow, we deliver, we welcome you to our farm

organic vegetables, flowers and farm experiences.. therein lies our focus.

for yourself, your family, your friends, your co-workers, your employees, your students, your teachers.. 

the three of us (man, woman, child) and a host of volunteers throughout the season try our best to bring out that which our land wants to give us.

and the fruits of this labour continue to this moment in time

as of today's date, we still have the following :

  • carrots 1kg @ $6
  • rutabaga lb/$2
  • black radish lb/$2
  • daikon lb/$2
  • sunchokes lb/$4
  • kohl rabi lb/$2
  • Gobou 200g/$5
  • herb salt $7
  • peppery garlic salt $7
  • shiso salt $7
  • dry beans (clean) 200g/$5

Call us today!

Saturday, September 3, 2016

Brightness is flowing..

Tonight I’m feeling grateful for a wonderful day.  Weather was great.  Our day at market was busy and full of smiles, authenticity and good feelings.

So I am thankful.  Truly.  

Because not all my days are like this one.  

Some things people see in this world I don’t want or need to see.  Just not part of my reality.  And so I understand the resistance and backlash to my own expressions of reality.

I am comfortable with and aware of my own essence, history, and heritage.  And I have never, never, never, never understood or seen any humour in any statement referencing one’s colour.  Never.

People say stuff, I can sense it’s coming, I try to sidestep it, but still they force it through.  I ignore, I do not respond, they say “ didn’t you hear what I said?  I said… “ and they laugh.  

Retired teachers who I made the mistake of sharing the fact that I enjoy their company for a few moments every week now feel comfortable in expressing how ‘ it must be all the greens you eat why I can’t get as dark as you.. ‘ .. laugh, laugh.

And my bright day gets a little dimmer as unsaid words, unexpressed feelings, and unforgettable memories swirl into action trying to take shape.

But today is a good day, a busy day.. there is no time or energy for those things.  Brightness is flowing..

Day is done, I am home with family, cat, then the routine of the news feed.  And the swirling begins again.

The simple act of ‘connecting’ forces me into a ‘we’ mentality.  And this ‘we’ mentality never resonates with me.


Though I live and walk side by side with you in this world, what ‘we’ see is not the same.

Sometimes I want to share my experiences.. my joy, my pain, my living.  Separate from the ‘we’ narrative, space for expression is hard-won and struggles for air.

Do you really want to hear my life-long moanings about micro-aggressions, media assaults, spiritual exhaustion and forced-definitions?

It’s dysfunctional.. my mere presence launches you into a world of colour / culture comparisons.  Your mere presence reminds me of the non-representative ‘we’.

Yet, the brightness flows.. in the context of what..?  

Good weather? Food?  Authenticity?  .. Last night’s alcohol?.. 

I don’t know, and I’m not sure I really care, but the brightness flows, and I am grateful.. I am thankful.

Today was a good day, Thank you.

Saturday, November 21, 2015

closer to wild

a video snapshot to aid in the oft-asked question.. 'are you organic?'.

not being certified, we have no logo to display, and although basic principles such as no chemicals and soil-building are integrated into our practices, there is a level of being we ascribe to that goes beyond farming.

'being' your nature as a part of nature.. not laissez-faire, but playing your role, and acknowledging and respecting that all others are doing the same..

applying this being to all activities.. especially those of a creative nature.. cooking, music-making, writing.. acknowledging and respecting presence..

yes, organic.. but really closer to wild.

Saturday, April 11, 2015

sensational experiences

just a friendly reminder.. searchlight popular voting ends this monday april 13th.

if I or my music activated any of your senses, you could vote with those senses and encourage more sensational experiences from 'man from jambican'

also, we'll be at market (aberdeen pavilion in lansdowne park) this sunday april 12th with more miso, some natto (new!), herb salt and beans of course.

man from jambican will offer musical treats from 12:30-2:30pm.

thank you for reading

Monday, April 6, 2015

next steps.. the future in the present

next steps.. the future in the present

i've been asked what i would get if i win this searchlight competition..

..and after some thought, it would appear that i would get pretty much what i already have...

..the challenges and benefits of being an accompanist.

for most of my working life i have been an accompanist.

i have played a supporting role.

an accompanist is engaged in participatory exercises

an accompanist is a supporter

an accompanist is a source of inspiration

an accompanist brings people closer to achieving their potential

and i will continue in this role, trodding on the road to possibility and capacity, with health and happiness being the substance beneath my feet

there are endless possibilities - in case you were wondering..

imagine - a farm school.. where children of all ages are encouraged to experience the processes of production on a farm specializing in health and happiness.. and to document some of these experiences in an audio format

a compilation of felt experiences expressed through a filter of sound..

adding to the tapestry of life..

to be continued..

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

creating refuge - if you vote for me..

if you vote for me..

i have one song / poem which contains this phrase :

"if you vote for me / i will show little mercy / i don't believe in democracy / for the companies loved by misery"

i will listen to misery.

i will hear misery.

but my focus is to turn it upside down, to look at it from another side, another vantage point.

sometimes that is difficult, especially while in the midst of something not so pleasant.

however, there is always a view from above - a view from the future - a view from the past...

everything happens in a broader context.

so whether through my music, my poetry, my farm, or my being, i have consistently focussed on creating a refuge.. a sanctuary of sorts.

a slower place.. a place to 'zone out'.. a place to rise above the current and see what comes before, and what comes after.. a place to see context.

so a vote for me
is a vote to be free
from the companies loved by misery

and we can put the totality of experience 
into a truer context.

www.cbcmusic.ca/searchlight .. and search for 'man from jambican'.

thank you