Monday, January 6, 2014

the jambican csa 2014 season

christmas markets are finished..

seed catalogues have arrived..

post-mortem has been performed on the 2013 season..

now it is csa time!

jambican's version of Community Supported Agriculture is centred around a food box delivered or picked up weekly or bi-weekly.

our basic food box contains 3 bunches of greens (cooking), 3 bunches of roots (with tops normally), 3 boxes of fruiting veggies, 2 bunches of herbs, and cut flowers.

each box contains 'extras' - which can include things such as strawberries, gooseberries, hot sauce, herb salt, dry beans, whole grains, dried vegetables, vegan baking and much more.

we offer three options - full shares (16 weeks from july to october) for $720.00, extended shares (20 weeks from mid-june to mid-november) for $900.00, and half shares (every second week from july to october) for $360.00.

work shares are also available for those who wish to participate in the jambican experience on a deeper level.

some form of committed interest would be appreciated by march 15, 2014.

we are limiting our memberships in line with our production capacities, so please keep this in mind as you weigh your food options for the season.

alternatively, we can still be found at both the main street market and the ottawa farmers' market from may to november.

enjoy life with health and happiness..

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