Friday, January 10, 2014

jambican is hiring

join the jambican experience!

the successful candidates should :

  • want a happy life
  • be able to recognize what they have been given.. the resources which surround them everyday in every way
  • forgo passing value judgements on said resources
  • have gratitude for said resources and accept / embrace them in their being
  • be willing and able to use their energy to transform said resources into forms useable to others
  • be secure in the knowledge that applying inspired acts to given resources gives meaning to one's life (and happiness to others)

here is a job description:

jambican studio gardens is engaged in the business of taking and transforming the offerings from 10 acres of horticultural activities and 20 acres of woodland into products useable to others.

all those involved in this business will have a part in performing the following activities :

mixing soil for starting seeds
planting and transplanting into pots
planting and transplanting into the ground
preparing soil for planting
managing moisture
handling wood chips
handling compost
observing the potentialities in all situations
weeding (providing space and air)
observing insect activity
evaluating plant readiness for harvest
post-harvest handling
communicating business values
communicating potential methods of use (for offered products)

task performance will require 12-20 hours per week from april to october.

remuneration shall be in the form of an hourly wage or payment-in-kind (at market value based on an hourly rate)

other tasks may be added depending on candidate's interests and abilities.

if this posting is sparking some interest, please respond to csamuels at storm dot ca or 613-299-9183

thank you for your time

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