Monday, April 6, 2015

next steps.. the future in the present

next steps.. the future in the present

i've been asked what i would get if i win this searchlight competition..

..and after some thought, it would appear that i would get pretty much what i already have...

..the challenges and benefits of being an accompanist.

for most of my working life i have been an accompanist.

i have played a supporting role.

an accompanist is engaged in participatory exercises

an accompanist is a supporter

an accompanist is a source of inspiration

an accompanist brings people closer to achieving their potential

and i will continue in this role, trodding on the road to possibility and capacity, with health and happiness being the substance beneath my feet

there are endless possibilities - in case you were wondering..

imagine - a farm school.. where children of all ages are encouraged to experience the processes of production on a farm specializing in health and happiness.. and to document some of these experiences in an audio format

a compilation of felt experiences expressed through a filter of sound..

adding to the tapestry of life..

to be continued..

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