Wednesday, April 1, 2015

creating refuge - if you vote for me..

if you vote for me..

i have one song / poem which contains this phrase :

"if you vote for me / i will show little mercy / i don't believe in democracy / for the companies loved by misery"

i will listen to misery.

i will hear misery.

but my focus is to turn it upside down, to look at it from another side, another vantage point.

sometimes that is difficult, especially while in the midst of something not so pleasant.

however, there is always a view from above - a view from the future - a view from the past...

everything happens in a broader context.

so whether through my music, my poetry, my farm, or my being, i have consistently focussed on creating a refuge.. a sanctuary of sorts.

a slower place.. a place to 'zone out'.. a place to rise above the current and see what comes before, and what comes after.. a place to see context.

so a vote for me
is a vote to be free
from the companies loved by misery

and we can put the totality of experience 
into a truer context. .. and search for 'man from jambican'.

thank you

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