Sunday, March 16, 2014

welcoming another traveller

we welcome another traveller on the jambican journey..

rinwa has come and joined this journey, and we have welcomed her at every stage along the way up to today.

we honour her choice and pledge to do all in our power to provide her with the means to find health happiness and security.. 

we will change our pace and alter our path as necessary..

..for this journey is a journey of creation ( = rastafari), where we are creating a peaceful place together ( = kagiso).

these have been constants since our journey's beginning.

now we have been joined by our powerful spirit of harmony / peace, and are strengthened as we fondly remember from where we have come, enjoy our presents, and imagine that which may come to pass.

all are welcome on this journey, knowing that the itinerary is clear 

we create a peaceful place together.. through food, music, farming, nurturing, communicating, studying, learning, observing, be-ing, .. and all are welcome.

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