Sunday, May 11, 2014

the enablers

the enablers.. a salute to my mother and my daughter's mother.

today i harvested for tomorrow's market.

long winter, wet spring, and cold wet soil do not make for an early start to gardening / farming.

however, i harvested today.

not much, but that which i reaped was sown in previous years.. which helps illustrate a point.

the lay of my land is not suited to early spring planting.

i would need to perform major modifications in order to make this possible.

i would be asking this land to do something very much outside of its nature.

so after many years of observing and working in a decidedly unobtrusive manner ( i hope)

i've finally managed to understand how to manage this farm's resources in order to reap without going crazy trying to plant before the land is ready.

i have become an enabler... 

... as did my parents when they accepted the task / joy / responsibility of allowing my existence in this world.

so, thank you mom ( and dad) for enabling me to live my life.

and thank you kumiko for allowing me to pass the gift ..

give thanks for the enablers.

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