Monday, March 30, 2015

why searchlight?.. the path to here

so, anybody who knows me must be wondering.. why did this guy enter searchlight?? it's kind of out of character...

yes it is.

but it begins (in a circular sense.. having no true beginning) with my friend Bronwyn.

Bronwyn landed her dream job.  I was and am extremely happy for her and the culmination of many years of hard work and passionate focus.

and i thought to myself, 'what is my dream job?'

of course, i love what i currently do and have a wonderful loving family, but the question became nagging.. 'am i doing my dream work?'

and so, i revisited the passion of yesteryears - hopefully with open and honest eyes - and began (in a circular sense.. having no true beginning) the process of cultivating passion with the most terrifying  and steadfast friend - faith.

faith is that wonderful companion on all great journeys - physical, emotional, spiritual..

those great journeys into the unknown, where resources previously hidden suddenly become abundant.

where the seemingly impossible becomes possible, likely, and ultimately, real...

my current state, of course, seemed impossible at the time when i set out on this journey - and yet here i am, again in a state of preparation.

and is it all about searchlight?.. no, but it gives me a focal point for my energies.

similarly, i don't grow vegetables just to go to market.. there is a passion, a reason behind the growing.. but market gives me a focal point.. a reward.. something to work towards.. an end goal (in a circular sense.. having no true end)..

to be continued..

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